Business listing websites are the billboards of internet

Business listing or directories are on the internet for a long time and have thousands of companies and businesses has listed their services and details. These sites are like billboards on the road.

So what are exactly business directory sites?

These are the platforms where you can add your business details like company names, services, add pictures, logo, locations, deals, workings hours, etc.

This is a great place for you to place your services on the internet even if you have your own business website because people search with different keywords which could be optimized by “Listings Site”. The biggest benefit here is for those companies who don’t have their own websites so this could be a great way to be on the internet

The Billboards of Internet

Like you have seen billboards on roads here we can assume the internet as the road and these listings site as the billboards. For billboards, you have to pay big amount but for these portals, you don’t need to spend much because the majority of them are free also they have paid offers too but they give you benefits as well.

A company displays its ads on many billboards at different places you can use this tactic online and put your info on different directories.

The benefit of online billboards (listings J ) is that you can give a lot of information about your services. The ad on a billboard is seen by many people. On business directories, not only people see your ad but they will interact with you by using your phone number, website, or social pages or by contact form on that portal.

Let’s talk about types of business directories

I hope you have got the basic idea now we discuss what types are

  • Niche-Specific

Niche directories are those that focus only on specific business for example salons, hotels or hospitals

  • General

General directories have a lot of business categories

  • Geographical

Geographical categories include a city, town, state, even country-specific or worldwide

  • Reviews

Yes! I have included review sites and these are very important for your business where you can get reviews for your business.

  • Importers and Exports

This can be a great marketplace for different countries business people looking for stuff from other countries.

What are some benefits of business directories?


  • Local Promotion:

You can get better local visibility from these sites because people these days search locally for example “mobile shops near me or list of services companies in Lahore” as these directories optimize their on keywords so you can get benefit from this.

  • Connect with other companies

As there are many services to get and many to offer these platforms are a great place for you to find services you as a business is looking for.

  • Websites with no online presences

People search differently about a product or service. If you provide services and do not have online presence you can take leverage and put your services on these portals and people who are looking for these can get you from here

  • Help in SEO

This was an old strategy to get links for your website although the trends are changed now still you can get some help in your link building strategy by giving promoting services on many directories.

  • More Brand Info for Users

When a person searches something and gets results and find your company If he clicks that’s great but if not the user will have this in mind that he has other option such as your company.

  • Get reviews and build trust

Getting trust is important and you can build trust by getting reviews from your customer so the new customers can trust you while making a decision.


In the end, business directories or listings portals can be considered as an online business advertising opportunity and should be availed. The tip is that you should add much information about your business to get more online visibility.


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