6 Careers in Tech industry (Development, Marketing, Designing)

6 Careers in Tech industry (Development, Marketing, Designing)


Careers in Tech industry are not limited for techies only but this fast-growing industry welcomes all those skilled people who are business-minded and creative. In this article, we will tell you interesting careers in the tech industry which you must consider in order to earn more.  These occupations are listed below:

Web Developer:

Web Developers are the technical professional who creates eye-catching and interesting websites.  For a successful web developer, one must hold a bachelor’s degree in a computer-related field. However with some experience and diploma certification, one can earn a handsome salary in this job.

Web Master:

They are the professionals who are responsible for the maintenance of any website. They are also referred to as website administrators. Again bachelor’s degree in computer related field or any associate certificate is required for the position in this job.

Advertising Sales Agents:

Advertising Sales Agents are responsible to sell advertising space in print publications, on websites for the companies who want to sell their products. They are required to build a customer base by arranging meetings with clients, determining their desired needs and present suitable proposals to them.  This proposal is basically an advertising plan with costs and benefits in it. One can even acquire this position with a high school diploma; however, a bachelor’s degree is also needed for more advanced positions.

Marketing Manager:

They are the professional who is responsible to decide how to market or advertise websites in order to grab the attention of as many viewers as possible.  Marketing job includes market analysis, advertising public relations and sales. It is an important duty of marketing manager to determine a market trend, market demand and set prices according to in order to sustain a position in the competitive marketplace.  People with bachelor’s and master’s degrees in marketing can pursue a number of opportunities in the Tech Industry.

Graphic Designer:

Graphic designers are the professionals who create attractive images, with text and illustration in it, in order to convey messages by using digital media or print media. They create magazines designs, websites layouts, product packaging, video games, and much other marketing materials. Several digital software (such as illustration) and tools (like photo editing) are required to create innovative designs. People with a bachelor’s degree and certificates in graphic designing can earn a good salary in the Tech Industry.

Software Developer:

They are the innovative, creative and of course technical professionals who are responsible to develop attractive yet useful software. They write codes or fix bugs in order to run any software efficiently.  They are employed in industries including computer system design, manufacturing, and finance.


With the more usage of computer, mobiles, tablets, laptops and other high tech devices on which our society rely on, we need professional skills in the field of the tech industry in order to make our obsession with technology possible. There are varieties of high paying jobs available that drastically boost up the unemployment rate.  With all of the above mentioned jobs, one can earn a great income.

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