Job Vs Business – What You Think is Best

Job Vs Business – What You Think is Best


The debate to decide that which is better Job or Business is still fresh and never going to an end. Some people believe that starting your own business has a lot of advantages rather than being employed and work under the boss. On the other hand, there are people who believe that starting your own business have risked so it’s better to secure your life with some degree and do the job. In this article, we facilitate our readers by both the advantages and disadvantages of job and business so that they can decide on their own.


Following are the top advantages of doing your own business:

  1. Be your own boss:

    Doing your own business is like ruling your kingdom. It gives you freedom of thought without any restrictions plus you can make your own decisions.  Being your own boss let you run the business with your strategic tools and techniques, your working time can be flexible and you can get the time to enjoy yourself with friends and family whenever you want.

  1. No one can Hire you and Fire You:

    Unlike a job, in business, you have guaranteed that no one can fire you, in this way you can enjoy the freedom of working in a way you want irrespective of the fear that your boss will fire you due to any reason.


Unlike merits, business possesses some demerits also which are listed below:

  1. It is Full of Risk to Start your own business:

    Starting your own business has a lot of risks and challenges; it may also turn out to lose each and every penny that you have invested to make your business grow.  In some cases when business idea failed to flourish then it fell flat on the shoulders of the entrepreneur.

  1. Taking a loan can be risky too:

    Also taking loans in order to start your business can also be risky because all the businesses do not start with profit.


Following are the merits of the job:

  1. The flexibility of exposure:

    In Job, workers get exposure to different roles within the same organization. It can be said that companies are one of the best platforms in order to efficiently increase the contacts and train you to master the working experience.

  1. You can do an online job:

    Not only this, there are various positions where workers can work from their home or any other comfortable place. This makes it a quite flexible approach. Although it is true that in Job you are not your boss, still you are paid and recognize for every hard work that you have done in the job.

  1. Get a fixed Salary monthly:

Salary does not exponentially increase in the job, however, the fixed amount is always transmitted by the specified due date. Moreover, companies also offer various facilities to the employee that includes bonus, medical fees, paid leaves, etc.


Although the merits of the job are quite vast the demerits have not loosened their grip on this debate. They are stronger enough to support people having ‘own business concept’. Some demerits of doing a job are listed below:

  1. Competition between co-workers:

    In Jobs, all the employees are running in the same race to achieve their task in the form of motivation or promotion. This gives rise to dirty politics in the cultural environment of an organization.

  1. Individual recognition is affected: 

    In Job, your efficient ideas may work wonders however; they are barely noticed and acknowledged by the upper-level staff.

  1. Permission is required in every step:

    In a job, your boss can handle all the decision-making stuff. First, you need to take permission before taking any decision in the company, and when it is approved then you can implement your ideas.


In the end, we can conclude that it’s all up to your luck, you might be lucky enough to job in a reputable working environment that gives you more advantages than disadvantages or maybe your luck works well in running your own business.  The final choice is yours.

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