Burhan Law of Administrator.

Administrative Law is that law, which connected with the executive function of the administrative agencies so(Department and agencies of govt).This law involves the study of the vast topics.Seems like administrative law is the power of body ensuring citizens and equally determination of their disputes by that officer.Protect citizens from unauthorized encroachment on their interest and rights.Make those who exercise public power and also be responsible to the people.

History, Evolution, Nature and Trends in administrative Law

Evolution of law.

Concepts of separation of powers.

Rule of law and administrative law.

Scope of law .

Source of administrative law and,

State as a provider of services.

Other functions of Same method state- relief, welfare.,

Administration because the fourth branch of state.

Necessity for delegation of powers on administration.

Evolution of agencies and procedures for settlement of dispute between individual and administration.

Regulatory agencies within the United States.

Relationship between constitutional law and administrative law.

Emerging trends in law.

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