Top 5 Call Centers In Pakistan- You Wish You Had Ever Worked At

Top 5 Call Centers In Pakistan- You Wish You Had Ever Worked At

Call center industry has grown rapidly in the past decades and they have seamlessly affected the economy of Pakistan. We can safely presume that they are one of the most profitable industries operating in Pakistan.

Working in call centers can be exhilarating, challenging but also rewarding simultaneously. If you were planning to pursue a career in call centers around Pakistan or just wanted to simply avail their services, then we have compiled a list of the best call centers in the country.

1. Flexsource International

Address: FL-4/6, Plot No. 6, Block 6, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi.

Contact Information: (021-34982093)

Website: Click Here


Flexsource International are some of the top call centers operating out of Karachi, Pakistan. They were established way back in 2013, and from that time they have been handling appointment scheduling and the various functions related to telecom sectors. Their core business values empower the various structures of businesses which span across US, Canada and Australia. Since these 6 years of their inauguration they have improved upon their structure and started catering to a wide range of clients with their ever-growing professional agents.

It should be understood that Flexsource at the very heart of operations is a call center and they handle those operations with utmost professionalism. Call centers are always employed to increase and enhance the sales volume of organizations within the given time period, after the mentioned protocols the work is passed on to agents. It should be noted that employing the services of call centers is getting the full on package, they will make sure that all the objectives of organizations are met with utmost dedication.

So flexsource offers telemarketing, order tracking- inbound sales, appointments scheduling and feedback calling.
Flexsource is really innovative with their services so they try to offer something different than others. So one of the functions that they are providing are in-house activities. These in-house activities include are not that much necessary for a call center to provide but if they do so, they ensure smooth and flexible infrastructure. As part of their portfolio, they are offering IT department facilities, data entry department, training and HR department, sales operation, quality assurance department and back office.

2. ePlanet

Address: 2nd Floor, City View Tower, Shaheed-e-Millat Road, Karachi.

Contact Information: (021-37131482)

Website: Click Here


We have some of the very best international call centers working in Pakistan and ePlanet is one of them. They are a global business process outsourcing firm with numerous facilities and services under one name.

ePlanet have been operating for more than a decade now and have the operational excellence, right technology and people, handling and offering explicit-complex B2B and B2C services are just one of the many functions they excel at. Some of their many customers range from Limelight to Cisco International.


Errands Services Pvt. Ltd

Address: First Floor, Tokyo Center, Iran Road Opposite Azmat Hospital, Rawalpindi.

Contact Information: (051-8733650)

Website: Click Here


When we talk about perfection and dedication in a field, it is difficult sometimes to give out actual examples. Although, that being said, it can be safely said that Errands Services have completely changed the call center industry and have evolved from the main idea into something truly remarkable.

Although Errands Services started their operations as a similar Business Promotion Company like the others in the market, they soon evolved from that formula while keeping all the fundamental aspects intact. They started their numbers small but they had a prominent vision and because of that they have now grown not just nationally but internationally. Many famous international organizations employ their services, as Pakistan is located at a better geographical region, it makes the region very much attractive for companies all over the world.

Being one of the most efficient business promotion organizations in Pakistan, they have grown into providing a much larger portfolio. Turning your potential sales audience into actual customers can be a tough job, but that is what errands is most professional at. They carefully analyze the needs and wants of the customers and by turning them into a reality they capture a lot of prospects. They are going to make sure that when you employ their services they get you good enough mature and stable sales leads.

Every organization needs a competitive and professional marketing campaign to help them reach out in the market and capture the audience. An effective way of ensuring this happens is through digital media marketing. Using all the utilities like marketing channels and leads, the promotion is done to reach out different niches and clients. Apart from these functions, errands services also provides professional web development, customer support regarding all the problems. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a tool to maximize the reach of businesses digitally and that is one of the many things that errands does with zest and profound enthusiasm.

4. Shelby BPO

Address: Adamjee Road, Saddar, Rawalpindi.

Contact Information: (051-8312069)

Website: Click Here


Shelby BPO is one of the most professional organizations in the market and they have been the masters of the trade through their 10-year journey. Established in 2009, they promised that they would provide the best services with a profound vision, and through that they achieved quality assurance, commitment and cost effectiveness. Their customers range from giant telecom and insurance companies to small scale mortgages and security companies.

Shelby directly does business with some of the most famous companies in the capital of California, Sacramento. They have now proved themselves to be providing the best B2B and B2C services to wide range of clientele. Following up leads and making sure that the organization meets and excels the sales is one of their specialties. Making relationships with the clients is their mission statement so that they can get attached to them on an emotional level, which will further build on the bond with the customers.

May it be payroll solutions, guidance in recruitment or even telemarketing, Shelby will always deliver up to the mark. One of the main reasons of success is finding the best labor available in the region, meeting the various specifications is what Shelby excels at.

5. TransData International

Address: Abdul Haque Road, Canal Road, Lahore.

Contact Information: (0332-9748930)

Website: Click Here

TransData are one of the special industry specialists and veterans of the market. They have a very dedicated team which allows them to handle various E-commerce services. Along with this they are also offering a wide array of digital marketing amenities which can be suited to different kind of businesses. At the very core of operations they are still a Business Process Outsourcing Firm which allows them to handle the operations of well renowned multinational firms. Passion is one of their morals, so each business protocol they follows, they complete it with utmost dedication and perfection.

Some of the services that they include are virtual assistants, digital marketing, customer service, E-commerce, 24*7 Managed IT solutions, and Application development. They have operations via B2B and B2C.



These were some of the top level call centers operating in Pakistan, all of them have their own unique functions and services which make them distinctive in the market. Eith

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